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Consumer Engagement Website Design & Development

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PPC Campaigns
(Done-for-You Google Ads for which people are actively searching)

 Social Prospecting
(Certified to 
 target, engage, and persuade new audiences)

Funnel Development & Market Segmentation

Custom CRM Installation & Setup

Custom MLS/IDX Installation & Setup

Content Writing Services
(Optimized for the Search Engines)

SEO Audit Correction Services
(SEO correction services for too!)

Email Marketing
(Attract New Leads, Nurture Leads, and Convert More Leads to Customers)

Done-for-You Social Media Advertising:
LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube

SEO AUDIT  (At No Cost- Limited Time Offer)

Fill In The Form Below To Get Your Website SEO Audit Report AT NO COST Which Includes A Useability Assessment and Website Performance Score

Developing your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy without knowing how your website is currently performing on Google’s Search Engine Results Pages is a losing strategy. It is difficult to appear on Google’s top real estate pages (first 3 Search Engine Results Pages} since there are hundreds of factors, including violations, that can prevent your website from appearing to searchers on Search Engine Results Pages.

Luckily, E-Zen i-Marketing & Research LLC, with more than 20 years of working with search engines, is expert at applying advanced SEO solutions that are based on what the search engines consider most relevant to ensure your website has the best chance possible to dominate top Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) so searchers who are looking for products and services like yours can find your website.                                        Click the video to learn more.

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Business Evaluation And Consulting Service

Web design, SEO, and i-Marketing are our 3-Tiered solutions for more targeted customer engagements for your business. For example, our real estate websites are designed with content to clearly articulate your vision and brand that attracts more of your own ideal customers to your website so you can avoid the costly marketing mistakes of marketing to the wrong target audience…the tire kickers.  

We accomplish this by incorporating one or more profit-optimized customer segmentation funnel models that may include SEO, email drip campaigns, Google pay-per-click, lead magnets, and more, that will help you optimize & scale your current results or plan new growth opportunities. We show you “What If” scenarios such modifications to your advertising channels or other modifications to your business to analyze how those variables can affect your Revenue, Profit, and other metrics before you implement any modifications that may have no impact or even worse- a negative impact on your business.

As Fractional CMOs, we specialize in Customer Engagement Funnels Solutions that intersect between a thorough understanding of all areas of a client’s business and utilizing big data & analytics, in addition to cognitive computing for decision-making insights to help with your customer acquisition for the growth of your business.

    Analyse and evaluate your current status

    Begin monitoring your day to day routine

Website Maintenance And Support Services

Each implementation is offered with a comprehensive maintenance and support package if you care not to maintain your own website. Our support team will cover any situations.

The purpose of any website maintenance plan is to ensure backend themes, plugins, databases, security, etc., are updated as updates get released by their associated theme developers, often fixing bugs that were previously released in any of the backend components. If updates are left unattended, your website become a fertile playground for hackers.

Frontend maintenance is important too, as it conveys your message about your products, services, and more. Therefore, your website’s content messages should be up to date, grammatically correct, and freshly optimized for the search engines to crawl and properly categorize to get your website found in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) by those searching for similar products, services, or information like yours.

    24/7 support on call and email exchange

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25+ Years Of Combined Experience

Solution integration experience in industry verticals and any company dimension

Enduring Partnerships

We rely on our long standing partnerships with solution providers and customers

Skilled Capable Team

Our success is determined by our team's skills and motivation so we invest in it

Projects For Which We're Proud

We enjoyed working with each and every customer but these are the projects that stand out in our company history and we are extremely proud to showcase them in the following grid

Luxury Real Estate Website - Complete MLS/IDX integration - Atlanta, Ga.

SEO Optimized Consumer Lead Generation Membership Directory with many integrations  - Boston, Ma.

SEO Optimized Bed & Breakfast Cottages in Jamaica, West Indies

Custom Real Estate Hub where a New York Real Estate Mentor / Investor will sell books, courses, and mentorship. 

New York Hair Salon where appointment bookings are now done online

2022 Massachusetts State Senate Candidate's Website- ton's of integrations including campaign events.

Our Clients' Testimonials

Don't Only Take Our Word About Our Performance

Click on the link below to learn about some of Ezen iMarketing's  projects over the years and also read what our customers and partners had to say about us.  

As Fractional Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), we will help you plan or fix your customer engagement strategies so your website can receive greater numbers of target market visitors resulting in greater revenue generating opportunities following our funnel models.

Our Mission Is To Provide Custom Lead Generation Website Solutions That Include SEO Strategies For Businesses Of All Sizes And Part Of Any Industry


E-Zen i-Marketing & Research LLC provides Lead Generation Solutions that have continuously increased our clients’ own website visitors’ engagement activities because our three-tiered solutions are designed to clearly articulate our clients’ vision and brand that attracts more of their own ideal customers to their websites resulting in new customer acquisitions and business growth. 

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